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Fruit Cocktail

04-25-2019 | Imbibe Liquid Culture

The bittersweet Negroni is so fiercely loved around the globe that it can now be found in a range of guises, including in food.

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11-30-2018 | Forbes

The Herb Garden is a mocktail with intricate flavors—bite of red onion, spiciness of coriander, tart acidity of lemon, the bitterness of fennel—plus Seedlip non-alcoholic spirit. Available at Il Solito in Portland, Oregon.

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11-06-2018 | Imbibe Liquid Culture

We explore how fizzy Italian wine Lambrusco got its groove back, and this Lambrusco cocktail is the perfect option for brunch. “It’s somewhere between a French 75 and a Mimosa,” says Bryan Galligos, bartender at Il Solito. “Plus, Lambrusco is delicious and more people should drink it.” No argument there.

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Chef Matt Sigler of the downtown Italian hotspot Il Solito is known for his plates of pasta perfection. MORE’s Molly Riehl invited Chef Matt into her kitchen to teach her out to make homemade, hand-rolled pasta that you can make at home.

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15 Primo Italian Restaurants in Portland

07-18-2018 | Eater Portland

Brand new to the scene, Il Solito has already made a name for itself with its 60s-era New York red-sauce Italian. Chopped salads, hand-pulled mozzarella sticks, t-bone steaks, and a signature spaghetti and meatballs fill the menu at this art-deco themed space in the Hotel Vintage, along with a stellar amaro-heavy bar.

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07-17-2018 | Eater Portland

French toast with passionfruit butter, yogurt panna cotta with granola, and, for something completely different, a heart attack of a breakfast sandwich with coppa, asiago, fried egg, and hash browns on hot-sauce-aioli-slathered maple brioche.

The 7 Rules for Perfectly Grilled Pizza

07-16-2018 | Food & Wine

“You should build a coal bed on one side of the grill versus the center,” recommends Matt Sigler, executive chef of Il Solito in Portland. “That way you can lay out the stretched dough over the coals and get those nice grill marks on either side.

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Il Solito Channels New York’s Italian Dining Scene in Portland

07-06-2018 | HospitalityDesign

 Local history is celebrated through iconic design elements reinterpreted with regionally informed touches. A gallery wall of framed images depict a medley of traditional Italian imagery from pasta to classic Italian automobiles. In addition, the front of the 12-seat bar and entry walls are clad with an assortment of handmade tiles to convey a curated and authentic flair.

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06-28-2018 | Eater Portland

The renovated restaurant space is as eclectically sourced as the drink menu, with black-and-white murals on one wall, framed photos on another, tiles, and more, which somehow manages to make a cohesive space.

Portland's 10 biggest restaurant openings of spring, 2018

05-05-2018 | The Oregonian

Italian for "The Usual," Il Solito is the new Italian-American restaurant helmed by former Renata chef Matt Sigler at the Hotel Vintage Portland. It's one of a rash of new hotel restaurants opening downtown, including King Tide, a seafood restaurant at RiverPlace, and Terrane, another Italian spot at The Porter.

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$3M later, downtown favorite Pazzo is reborn as lI Solito

05-03-2018 | Portland Business Journal

The restaurant, whose name translates to "the usual," features a wide range of pastas, such as bucatini, spaghetti and linguine, as well as hand-rolled and stuffed noodles, antipasti and meat dishes. There's also a full bar, headed up by Bryan Galligos, with a menu of mid-century cocktails with an "Italian tilt."

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Look Inside Il Solito, Downtown Portland’s Sharp New Trattoria

04-16-2018 | Eater Portland

The Pazzo space has been thoroughly made over for the relaunch: in place of the stately and elegant (but very brown) furnishings of Pazzo, there’s now lots of clean and sharp angles, with vintage elements in the form of chandeliers and a few touches of Mediterranean tiling, and not a tablecloth in sight — take a look.

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Check Out the Menu at Matt Sigler’s New Downtown Italian Spot

04-13-2018 | Eater Portland

“I want people to come here and say, ‘that reminds me of my childhood.’ It should be emotional; food should be emotional,” Sigler says, sitting at the bar of Il Solito, the Italian restaurant he will open in the former Pazzo space April 17. The restaurant, on the corner of Washington and Broadway within Hotel Vintage, is nearly complete: The bar is stocked with amari and Italian wine, shots of pasta and Italian cities are framed and hanging from the dining room’s walls, and his hefty, red Berkel meat slicer shines like a Vespa next to the restaurant’s copper chef’s pass.

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Bread & Brew: Comfort food, Thai ice cream, Rising Star Award

03-28-2018 | Portland Tribune

Food trends will come and go, but comfort food has never gone out of style. If there are two things Portland can never get enough of, it's a good, old-fashioned Italian family restaurant, and a funky twist on the old ice cream shop. Bread & Brew has the scoop on both of those latest openings, both in downtown Portland. It'll be all about the red sauce at the space formerly occupied by Pazzo Ristorante, a beloved spot for 25 years.

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Apologies to Michael Russell… and More News

03-07-2018 | Portland Food & Drink

Il Solito’s dining room and bar will mirror the old world, meets new world menu with a design that’s both comfortable and modern. The name ‘Il Solito’ translates to ‘the usual’ – as in ‘I’ll have the usual’ – and that familiarity will be reflected in the service style and vibe.

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